Spring 2016, it’s a wrap!

Ahhhh dead week, how I have missed you… not really. But in all seriousness, this semester is coming to an end at an alarming rate. With final projects, papers and tests on the horizon, going abroad is in the back of the minds of many (or maybe you are going abroad this summer and that’s all you can think about. If so, I’m jealous!!) BUT the end of the semester marks a crucial milestone in the study abroad process: it gives us an entire three months of summer to prep for next year.

The dog days of summer are hot and keep us inside; its a perfect time to start the application for the study abroad location of your choice. Deadlines for Spring 2017 come up in the beginning of September, so it is best to get applications knocked out before school returns and gets crazy. Summer is also  an opportune time to get acquainted with the necessities of the location you are planning on studying in. This means researching visa needs and charges, looking at possible vaccinations that are needed, and even planning out a mock itinerary of things to do or places to see.

The time off school also provides a great chance to lessen the financial burden of going abroad. A lot of scholarships for travel in the 2016-2017 year have deadlines in the months of June and July. There are tons of scholarships out there for people wanting to travel everywhere, it just takes a bit of digging to get to them! This is the perfect time to buckle down and spend some time and energy applying for support to make your travel dreams a reality. Along with applying for scholarships, there is the other option of working and then starting to save for your trip. My personal saving technique is as simple as sticking loose change in a jar. Eventually that change adds up in a large way and can really make a difference in the amount of extra spending money you end up with.

All in all, summer is the time to take charge and make some major strides towards your goal of spending time abroad. You will thank yourself come fall when you have extra time to plan your trip and extra money to make it happen. Happy savings and have a great summer!

Study Abroad: Hit the Ground Running

For a lot of people, the idea of going abroad is pretty daunting. You spend a substantial amount of time out of your comfort zone, experiencing new things and meeting new people. The big picture is a bit overwhelming, even for the most extroverted person. But take a step closer and look at the intricacies of leaving what you’re familiar with behind; the opportunity suddenly goes from scary to incredibly exciting. It takes a lot of consideration to decide to go abroad and the first step in doing that is just to dive right in. Immerse yourself in research, find a place or a culture that sparks a little bit of passion in you and follow it.

A major resource for students looking to go abroad is very easy to find; it’s in your peers. The University as a whole as well as the School of Meteorology is bursting with students who have already taken the plunge and spent time over seas. They can provide first hand accounts of what it is like, what to expect and can even help solidify your decision to go abroad.

If you are looking for a medium to get to know some of previous abroad students, begin your research about the study abroad experience, or even just meet with some students from other countries who are currently here (and eat some awesome food), come to the School of Meteorology’s study abroad event. The event will be held at the National Weather Center in room 5930 Wednesday, April 27th at 4 p.m. Be sure to come check out this awesome event, a resource for both SoM students and anyone else looking for more information on the study abroad experience.

Dipping your toes into study abroad is a very exciting experience and honestly, once you get the first taste of what it’s like, all you want to do is dive in head first.

Welcome to Adventures Abroad!

Hello everyone! My name is Kaylee and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Here I am going to be publishing things detailing the entire study abroad process, from research to applications to travel experience. Before we dive in, I’d like to give you a little insight about who I am and why I decided to take on the task of sharing the process.

I am currently a sophomore student pursuing a degree in meteorology with a minor in broadcast journalism. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico but recently my family moved to Dallas, Texas. I came to OU because of the School of Meteorology and have grown to love weather so much more. Living in Oklahoma has given me a new perspective on different types of weather I had never seen before.

The School of Meteorology has presented me with a ton of different opportunities, one of them being to go abroad. I am self-diagnosed with a bite from the travel bug, so when I got the chance to fulfill my dreams of travel abroad, I jumped at it. I am a firm believer in the idea that everyone should get to experience the whole world. The best way to do this is cultural immersion, and that is exactly what the study abroad system does.

I am super excited to get to showcase the whirlwind adventure of my travels, as well as get to encourage others to take the plunge and adventure abroad as well. Keep up with the process here, look for tips and advice about applications and stay tuned for photo and video updates! Thank you again for the support, lets get this travel party started!