Gathering my Thoughts: A Mid-Summer Update

Hello friends, readers, comrades. It has been a while since I have been active here and I gotta say, time has really gotten away from me. However, do not fret! I haven’t forgotten about this or my goals or my ideas to inform you guys about the wonderful world of getting abroad.

Reasons for my absence: the craziness that comes with getting back into the school routine (yay summer classes), moving into a new place and trying to get my life together as deadlines loom closer and dreams start to become realities.

Where I am at now: I have some great ideas for some topics that will launch in the coming weeks and am in the process of still working through kinks of photos and the like for the blog. However, I would love some input from any of my readers on what they would like to see covered content wise. Maybe perhaps even opening up a post free for people to comment on with questions I could answer for you guys? Let me know, I’ll make it happen. There is going to be a lot of content flying up here now that I am back and in business and I sincerely appreciate everyone hanging on with me through this journey. I can’t wait for the next things to roll out so without further ado, I’ll sign off of this one and get to work on whats next! It means so much for me to know you guys read and enjoy my stuff, keep the comments coming! I love them!
Thanks and here’s to running away with adventure!